Thursday, November 6, 2014

BDCHS New Shelter

My mother has a heart of gold and when it comes to animals, that golden heart has a big fat diamond in the middle, surrounded by rubies, sapphires and emeralds…you get the point: that woman LOVES animals. The whole town knows who Prince is and for those of you who do not--it is my "brother" her border collie.

Special trip to Chewacla because "Prince likes to play in the stream"
About a year ago, she became active in the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society (BDCHS) and started serving on their Board of Directors a short time after that. She has made it a goal to help BDCHS get a new shelter and over the summer 5 acres of land were donated for a future shelter site <<Read Post Searchlight Article here: Humane Society Gets Land Donation >> I know how much it means to my mom, so I started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for a new shelter.

BDCHS functions because of the most dedicated employees I have ever met who spend countless hours going above & beyond the normal work duties. Through my mom volunteering/serving on the board and one of my best friends (Ashley) working there, I have learned just how much strain is put on this little shelter, the employees and the animals. 

Did you know that our shelter serves Bainbridge AND Decatur County and receives minimal funding? The City of Bainbridge and Decatur Count gives as much as they possibly can, but it is not near enough to provide the shelter with all that they need. The shelter relies heavily on donations from our loving community (and "Secret Santa's that send gifts from the Amazon Wishlist) Let me just say we have some AWESOME community support and without them the animals would go hungry some days.

Did you know that unlike many shelters that claim they are "No Kill" our shelter is willing to take in ANY animal--that means any condition, any age, any desirability? This was something I was not aware of--the majority of "No Kill" shelters are able to advertise this way because they accept desirable animals--cute puppies and perfect little kittens that are easily adoptable. Guess where they ones they refuse end up--that's right! Places like BDCHS. So what does this mean? Loving animals who are three legged, have funny eyes or bleeding & almost on their death bed end up at BDCHS and spend days, months, even years at our facility. The employees and volunteers work with these animals to rehabilitate them into an animal that would make a perfect pet! And because BDCHS cannot refuse the intake of any animal, the shelter remains at MAXIMUM capacity. If you have not been to our local shelter,  I highly recommend you take a peek at what we're working with. Although Beth, Ashley & the other diligent employees have made the best of what they have, they deserve better than this. And the fur babies are always happy to see new faces. 

Did you know that our current shelter has repair problems that need immediate attention such as: inadequate ventilation system, terrible drainage problems, improper heating/cooling systems and the most shocking--a mold & mildew problem that the employees and animals breathe in daily!

Here are some pictures for those who haven't been out there lately:

Front entrance of the shelter
(The large white building behind it is a sewage plant)

A very FULL Cat Room

One of the MANY rooms that house dog kennels

Floor drainage problems

More of the floor drainage problems

Another picture of dog kennels (and interior that is literally falling apart) 

This is another building, completely different from the first picture,
that holds MORE dogs.

If that doesn't pull at your heart strings, I don't know what will. BDCHS motto is "Helping the Helpless" and these animals NEED OUR HELP! I started the Go Fund Me account about 2 weeks ago & so far it has raised almost $5,000! Which is GREAT NEWS. But we're going to need a lot more donations than that. I know there are some really great fundraising opportunities are in the works for 2015, so until then I just ask that you pray for our shelter, pray for these animals, pray for the employees and volunteers… 

Want to help? Here are some ways YOU can "Help the Helpless"

  • ADOPT a loving pet from BDCHS 
  • donate to my campaign, 100% of the donations will go to the New Shelter Fund <<CLICK HERE TO DONATE>> or you can drop a check off at the Humane Society (located in the Bill Reynolds Sports Complex), 
  • Check out their Amazon Wishlist and select some supplies to be delivered directly to the shelter <<CLICK HERE FOR WISHLIST>>
  • Stop in to walk the dogs, they always need some fresh air! 
  • The shelter is always in need of the following items:
    • Cleaning Supplies 
    • Old Towels/Linens/Socks (Balled up socks make great cat toys!)
    • Old pet toys 
    • Dry/Wet cat and dog food

"So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up." ~ Galatians 6:9


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